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About Us

Keon’s Commentary, or KC, was founded in December 1996 after Keon realized too many followers of Jesus had become disengaged from the culture in which we live. Its aim is to encourage Americans to return to the Faith that built strong people, families, and communities, and then use that Faith to make a stronger nation.

KC has grown significantly from its first publication. It has gone through iterations of quarterly and bi-monthly publication to arrive at monthly issues before the new millennium. In the mid 2000’s, Keon considered changing KC’s format to ease the burden on the small staff and still remain relevant to readers. Research, writing, and editing six articles every month was rewarding but very challenging. Routine life events made 2008 the opportune time to take a break from monthly publications and contemplate a new direction.

The new KC rolled out in April 2009 with an emphasis on showing how the Bible can relate to issues people face every day. Through the Bible we find answers to life’s most important questions, including life after Earth. Our hope is that you will give the Bible a chance to make a positive impact on your life once you discover that you can have a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe, who happens to be very interested in your well being.

Please let us know if KC is fulfilling its mission. Your thoughts on how to make KC more relevant, reader friendly, or appealing are always welcome along with questions about our content. Send us comments with the Contact button below.

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