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What About Jesus?

Who is Jesus? What's all the fuss over Him? Did He really claim to be God's Son? These are great questions and many people have different answers based on their opinions. However, if you want the facts, you have to go to the source of Truth, the Bible. (If you’re not sure about the Bible being true, see our articles on the Bible under the “About the Bible” button) So let's find some answers in the following articles:

Part 1: Does The Bible Say Jesus Is God’s Son?
Is Jesus God's Son?

Part 2: How Do We Know Jesus Existed?
Did Jesus Exist?

Part 3: How Do We Know Jesus Was Not “Just A Man”?
Not “Just A Man”?

Part 4: If God Has A Son, Is There More Than One God?
Is There More Than One God?

Part 5: Why Do We Need Jesus?
Do I Need Jesus?

Part 6: What Does Jesus Want With Me?
What Does Jesus Want?

Part 7: How Can I Have A Relationship With Jesus?
How Can I Know Jesus?

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